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I believe that most Utahns’ political views are more similar than different and that many, regardless of party affiliation, are in the moderate middle.  In fact, a Gallup poll conducted a few years ago shows that there are roughly as many moderates as conservatives in Utah (40% and 41%, respectively). Moderates are underrepresented in the Utah legislature. I’m running as a candidate with the United Utah Party, which seeks to address this imbalance and counter hyper-partisanship. As Uniters, we also believe in engaging with civility, embracing nuance, instituting common-sense political reforms, collaborating to solve challenging problems, and putting principles above party.  Research shows that better decisions can come from groups representing diverse viewpoints.  We need more voices at the table. As a member of a centrist third party, I’m uniquely positioned to build bridges among disparate voices in the senate. If my vision of the future of Utah politics aligns with yours, I invite you to join my campaign.

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